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REINHARDT Fixture Production System

AAE-CNC 2 Semi-automatic Fixture Production System

Building fixtures has always been one of the most time-consuming tasks. In most cases it was contracted out - followed by great pains over communication and time. With our Test Fixture Production System and our ATSGERB software for processing Gerber files, you drill the exchange plates for the test fixtures without working for hours on end. In case that no Gerber files are available, you can use our OLR-software for generating your fixture. Within a few hours, you drill the plates. The contact pins are placed so that they must only be wired afterwards. The desk-top unit is 80 cm high, 80 cm wide and 100 cm deep and weighs 110 kg without monitor and PC. Access is from the front only. It includes:

  • CNC-drilling center (travel x: 395 mm, y: 300 mm, useable placing area x: 395 mm, y: 244 mm) with
    • 1 Drilling machine
    •  hard- and software for controlling the CNC-machine
    • device for automatic picking and placing of the receptacles and spring contact pins
    • drill
    • clamping device for the bed-of-nails plate/exchange plate of the fixture
    • security switch, wiring
    • 1 magazine for two types of pins for a total of 625 receptacles incl. spring contact pins
    • dust hood
    • 1 suction device (without vacuum-cleaner).

A PC is not included, but you can either use your test system PC or any other common PC with serial interface (RS232). You must supply compressed air, not lubricated, with 6 bar pressure at a quantity of 50 l/minute.

Unit for Placing the Contact Pins

Our Test Fixture Production System drills the test fixture with high precision and places the contact pins. The contact pins, either receptacle or pin complete with receptacle are pressed in with high precision in one process. We are the only supplier of test fixtures who automatically places the contact pins with an accuracy of 10-20µ. The same accuracy applies to pressing them in without much buckling them. Two kinds of contact pins are picked from a three-partite magazine with 315, 235 and 75 pieces each. They are chosen and pressed in under software control. With SMT-assemblies especially, bending and buckling must be kept at a minimum. As our device offers high precision, you do not have to spend hours on straightening the contact probes which is always necessary with other fixtures. You use a wiring list for connecting the contact probes (wire-wrap method) to the test connectors. We have found that in typically two to three hours, the fixture is drilled, the contact probes are placed and in another two to three hours, each exchange plate of a test fixture will be finished for your new test.

* All prices are valid in Germany and the European Community and are without taxes, transport and packing. IE & OE – Specifications subject to change without prior notice.


Multifunktionstestsysteme für In-Circuit Test ICT und Funktionstest FKT von elektronischen Flachbaugruppen, Modulen und Geräten


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Multifunktionstestsysteme für In-Circuit Test ICT und Funktionstest FKT von elektronischen Flachbaugruppen, Modulen und Geräten