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About our Company

REINHARDT System- und Messelectronic GmbH is the leading producer of automatic test systems in Germany. Our products, In-Circuit Test Systems, Function Test Systems, Power Supply Test Systems and Systems for Building Fixtures are used in the leading companies in Germany, from big business and middle-sized companies through to small engineering companies.

All test systems are developed and produced in our own company. Production, sales and service are centered at our modern site in Diessen-Obermühlhausen in Bavaria, Germany.

Our Curriculum Vitae

REINHARDT System- und Messelectronic was formed as a commercial company in Ismaning (near Munich) in July 1976. We aimed at selling electronic measurement devices, electronics products, test equipment and computer peripherals to the German market. We checked what was needed on the German market and bought and sold American, English and French products at our own risk. Our premises were made up of our private flat and a hobby room which we furnished for this purpose only.

About 6 months later we were able to sell the products we had been entrusted to the German market. Although we had no original stock of money, things were getting on quickly and successfully. One and a half years later there were already another three employees in office and sales respectively. As our company was unknown to the market, the products we sold were, we must admit, of the same kind: we could only sell them with extreme efforts. By talking with our clients, we soon found out that successful products necessarily had to have a good place in the German market and had to be developed especially for it. This made us develop our first product of our own:

The first product we developed and produced was an electronic component counter. Owing to intensive sales activities, we succeeded in introducing it to the German market within a very short time. 50 to 60 units were sold every month - a very successful product which is still part of our range of products. The money we made out of the component counter enabled us to develop other products, our test systems.

In 1979 we put ATS-A121 on the market, an analog function test system. ATS-D131, a digital function tester followed in 1980. Based on our experience and our knowledge, we could establish our products on the market. Our aspirations for most modern techniques and top quality prove best in the fact that a number of those systems still work today.

Very soon, the market urged for a combined Analog-Digital-Test System. ATS-A121 was first transformed into ATS-AD141, an analog function test system with integrated logic channels. We finally combined the analog- and digital tester in a real combined test system, ATS-DA300, 300 units of which were installed worldwide - a real triumph.

Our company site had to meet the demands of production. As we worked in a habitat, there was no way to expand there. New business premises were necessary which met the future demands and the owner's personal preferences. Ismaning was impossible because of the high prices for estates. As the owner identifies very much with his company, he did not want an estate within an industrial park, but he wanted his home and his company site near to each other.

After a long search, he finally found an estate of 8000 m2 near Diessen which granted both expansion for the company site and offered space for his home. Obermühlhausen is situated in a holiday region which offers a wide range of leisure facilities for our staff although it is only 50 km from Munich. All buildings were planned and built according to our needs.

39 years later, Peter Reinhardt still is sole owner of the firm which signs as company since 1978. In 1996 REINHARDT System- und Messelectronic GmbH was certified conform to ISO 9001 by DASA ZERT.

The Owner

The career of Peter Reinhardt is based on his professional training as a radio/television technician. Later on, he was educated as an engineer with the special study of communication engineering. First he worked in a company in Cologne which was concerned with military products. One of his first tasks there was to develop and create test equipments and simulators for radar-installations for air traffic control.

By the beginning of 1966 he left Germany for the USA. There he found a new field of activity as a test engineer with GenRad. Only a short time later did he change for the development department of the company. There he was concerned with cable testing devices, transformer test systems, electrolytic capacitor test systems and the first automatic RCL digital bridge. Development of the first logic test system GR 1790 came next, followed by GR 1792 and GR 1796. At the very same time he studied at the MIT and obtained his degree as Master of Science in Electronical Engineering. A further study at Harvard University followed and made him BA in Business and Administration. A new task was selling test systems on the east coast of the USA, then in Europe. After he had built up the various retail organisations all over Europe, Teradyne offered him the same job for function test systems and laser adjustment systems. He left Teradyne for Fluke where he was concerned with retailing function test systems and calibration systems.

In 1976 he founded his own company which publishes this WWW-site.


Neue Generation Multifunktionstestsystem für Incircuit- und Funktionstest von elektronischen Flachbaugruppen, Modulen und Geräten

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Neue Generation Multifunktionstestsystem für Incircuit- und Funktionstest von elektronischen Flachbaugruppen, Modulen und Geräten

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